Wine and dine aint so fine, now its time to read my rhyme (story do u like?)?

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I am labeled as “Two Buck Chuck” which is sold at Traders Joe, far left of New Mexico. There is a well known fable on why my price is so low. The owner of my label recently had a divorce with his wife which led to her wanting all the profits. The creator of me decided to make the prices as low as possible to make no profit; hence my name, Two Buck Chuck. During the time of the holidays sales are up, especially during Thanksgiving when families get together as a unit. Because of my low prices I am a popular vote for those who are tight on money, or even homeless, however the wealthy do not find me popular, they despise me because of my low prices. Back in the old days the wealthy did not see me equal to a thirty five to fifty dollar of fine red wine. In my early days as a grape, I traveled from my factory in California where I was processed, to New Jersey’s Traders Joe; from there I was purchased by a homeless young male named Jackson McMoney. Jackson did have morals and purchased me to give to his family back home. From his eyes he understood that without me, a bottle of wine, he was unable to show his expression for his family; who he held dear, and me without him, I was unable to perform obligations that the lord of the grape has assigned me. Jackson McMoney has survived on the generosity of people. And with enough money saved, he bought me, Two Buck Chuck, and a bus fair home. As he was sitting on the bus, he fell into a hypnotized state of mind, and in his mind he thought about his position in life. He understood that being homeless has changed his mentality of daily life. People are too embarrassed to scramble through the trash for food, clothing, and basic utensils for life, Jackson has went away with the embarrassment for another day; another chance to change. He went away with emotions, which he thought it was an anchor holding him down during hard decisions. People considered him insane, but he knows when they themselves has lost everything they will do anything for another day of sunlight. That is, if they have the willingness to not give up. He also considered himself socially ignorant, because he had not talked to another soul for several months; he only wished that people would see him as part of their community and not a burden sitting at the corner of Loman and Telshore. He once told someone that he did not choose this life. “This life was not given to me, nor do I choose this life. But this life was provoked through mistreatment, hard times, and heartbreak. Although some choose this life because they enjoy it, I however do not” As he finally returned home where he spent his childhood, his mom cried out, “look who’s finally home! If only your father was here too see this…” He hugged his mom, finally reaching out to touch another soul he handed her me, Two Buck Chuck. Jackson finally is spending his time with his family. Everyone on this earth has a Mum and Dad, whether they were loved unconditionally or not loved at all, everyone has a place on this earth and a chance to live their life to the fullest extent. He went down the wrong road but the one thing he learned about this experience is that all people are printed with a story, and until one decodes the print, we’ll finally find out who we are, why we are here and where we’re I going. Everything is better with a bottle of wine…

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    November 10, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    I’ve read your rhyme.

    It took some time.

    I think it’s really fine.

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