Will pay increase accounts on my credit and lowered my score?

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My husband and I recently applied for a mortgage. We were not rejected because of our credit rating acceptable. His score is in the 700, but the report said, it does not have enough credits. He is in his early 20s and have never had a credit card. The only thing that is listed on his credit an auto loan that paid in 2008 and 4 requests. My credit score is in the 500. I was assigned 2 credit card and start the collection agencies 2 accounts. I have 5 questions. I paid three accounts of this month and last is the 17th in its entirety will be paid in April. My questions are: 1 Will I pay my bills postitively negative or did not affect my credit score? 2 Is it possible to build / rebuild credit without requiring a credit card? 3 Are there loans for people with low credit rating?

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