Will my husband filing a Chapter 7 hurt my credit or cause me to lose our home?

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I live in Arkansas. My chapter 7 was discharged 11/04. I have since married and purchased a home (only my name is on the mortgage loan but both of our names are on the deed). My husband now needs to file due to debts from before our marriage. I have heard that since my Ch 7 BK is still on my record, that we would both have to file a Ch 13 together. I dont really want to do any further damage to my credit by adding another BK and I especially dont want to lose our home. Any advice?

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    January 20, 2011 at 4:51 am

    You don’t need to file CH 13, and your past BK has nothing to do with it. But because you are married, you will both need to file bankruptcy together. You won’t lose your home, it is protected under the law. Good luck.

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