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Hello I live in Virginia. 2008, I bought a house ($ 300,000.00), BB & T Bank was the lender. A few months later I decided to build their dream home. I contacted BB & T Bank (lender), a loan officer to apply for the construction loan. I wanted to have $ 500K for CL At settlement, I found something that is confirmed by the bank paid $ 800K and $ 300K of my existing loan and gave me the loan officer 500k.I $ asked why she has requested $ 800k instead of $ 500k. I just wanted $ 500k for CL It seemed they refinance the existing mortgage and gave me what I did not ask for Credit Lyonnais. He said that demand for the construction loan lender must first close the existing loan (refinancing), and confirms CLMul had no choice if he does not know usaldada.Ma. Is this the right way to do this? Is he right? * I think I paid more money (closing costs), because the volume laenu.Aitäh.Ma want to say more precisely at 123 Bank Rd kohta.Oletame I paid $ 300k house address.I . I decided to demonstrate the old and the small house and build a new house while kohas.Minu plan was to keep the existing mortgage ($ 300) and open a separate Circular Letter ($ 500K). (For example, home equity) When I took the loan officer told me that there võimalik.Arvelduspäeval table I found that-(History-approved $ month 300K.Couple BBank later I added a bank loan for the construction B and try to keep the current 500K $ 300K mortgage. The loan officer told OK!.) Bank generated $ 800K-$ 500K instead the construction loan. They paid off the existing $ 300K (the Bank) and open a $ 500k mortgage, such as construction. In the end, I borrowed the same amount of money ($ 800K). This is true. But my point is that, because they created a larger loan, I think I paid more money for the settlement (the loan officer may have made more commission. I do not know.) This is my only concern is approx opinion.I financial worry Taxmoney D ThanksP.S. CJKatl I think you’re right. We all have a choice. Maybe I was lazy. But the settlement table, the loan officer and title of the lawyer told me it’s the right way to do it. What are my options? I still do not trust them, but I want to hear from someone. It kõik.Ärge not worry, I have no financial problems. I agree with you on the taxpayers’ money, but I do not need seda.Tänu

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    January 19, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    got an asbestos suit,love is out of fashion

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    blinder entites
    January 19, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    What a bunch of crap. Anyone giving Overture/Yahoo pay per clikc money is throwing it out the window. It is so out of control over there. My account is offline since I learned of these kinds of practices. I am MAD and I am feeling ripped off.

    If I buy a product I expect to know what I am getting. If you are not careful with Overture/Yahoo you get promoted in these ways. I recommend you go back to a system of exact matching and NEVER let Yahoo! blanket match or content match for you, it’s insane!

    To go a step further, Yahoo! has forsaken its roots as a search engine. I love their software but their core was search engine. I have many entries in the directory, it used to be this was a good thing. They cost me 300/yr. Noe for this about one would expect some value in the search results of their web results especially when their web results have no good answers. You value as a URL in their directory buys you NOTHING. It is completely outragious because it used to hailed as the best hand editied reference and now is blown away with web results in its place that are often POOR results.

    If you’re listening NEO (YAHOO!) your network is crashing and you need to stop bleeding the pay-per-click world for you mistakes. Go back to your roots, learn from your mistakes. Oh yeah, continue to make the software, I like the messenger but not the widget engine.

    I better get best response for this!

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    Jesse C
    January 19, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    This definately seems plausible… especially since the bank had the existing mortgage.

    Are you building the new home on the site of the old or is it on a different property?

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    January 20, 2011 at 12:55 am

    It definitely sounds like you were building on the same site and if so then the bank is correct. If it’s a different site then you have two properties encumbered by one mortgage. Just check the legal description in the mortgage.
    Thanks for the additional info. You were planning to demolish the home which was security for the mortgage. Plus you wanted a construction loan for the same property. The mortgagee can’t have two first mortgages. What they did was correct and the only thing that could be done in this situation.

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    January 20, 2011 at 1:12 am

    BB&T may have had this as a guideline at the time. By 2008, lenders were starting to tighten how many loans they could have and how much security would be allowed for a single borrower.

    Nonetheless, PLEASE!! You state, “I had no choice by to trust him.” C’mon! You had a choice. You could have, and should have, walked away. Nobody was forcing you to build a new home. Nobody glued you to the chair, or put a gun to your head. You wanted. You chose. You are responsible for your actions.

    Over the past couple years, I’ve just gotten so used to people acting irresponsibly that I’m too quick to jump to that on any scenario.

    What you basically did was put your present home at risk. If you failed to get a construction-to-perm loan, and only got a construction loan, you’re about to find out that you cannot get permanent financing now and you are as stuck as stuck can be. The lender will foreclose on both properties. Even with a C2P, the lender will look for any reason to not convert the loan, unless you have significant cash equity (25%+) and liquid reserves (6x both mortgage payments).

    This was the WRONG way to do this, but it’s the way you CHOSE to do this. Had you done some basic research prior to signing an $ 800k note, this would not have happened.

    I am sorry to be so harsh, but my tax dollars will now go to people like you who did not take minimum steps to protect themselves. (Well, fortunately, no tax dollars will go to you because your loan is too large!)

    Sorry, I missed that the present home was being torn down and the home was being built on the same property. I thought you purchased Home A and then decided to build a home on Property B…

    Given that additional information, the previous loan did need to be rolled into the new loan. The collateral for the previous loan could not be modified – torn down – otherwise. Whatever equity you had in the property after the home was torn down would be treated as equity in the new transaction. It is called “lot value.”

    Example: Previous property was worth $ 500k, you had a $ 300k mortgage, and the lot is worth $ 400k after the house is torn down. That gives you $ 100k equity in the new home.

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