Which of these two lenders should I trust for a mortgage?

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I own a small business and have my accounts with US Bank. The loan officer gave us a pre-approval letter for a mortgage loan based on our credit reports, and tax returns. He said we were glowing candidates. A couple days later he made an abrasive off cuff remark that things looked a “little tight” which I think he meant our debt ratio. He retracted the remark later but it made me uneasy. My sister recommended her lender from Bank of America so I got a second opinion. He reviewed our credit and said we would qualify for the amount. Sister’s Bank America guy also offers a quarter a point lower rate on an FHA loan than my bank. He is super nice, and walks you through all the details. However, he brings up a lot of questions about my small business, it’s structure, and complications with down payment. He says they have an FHA underwriter in house, and that he’s trying to get these things resolved before they become problems. However, if he’s over-complicating my self-employment issues, the loan could potentially fall through.

US bank guy is super confident and keeping it simple. He doesn’t have any concerns that the bank of America guy is raising. US Bank has my business accounts which helps, but what if it just gets shipped out to an FHA underwriter (outside of the bank) Then there is really no benefit from using my own bank. Plus they absolutely will not discount the rate. They claim they “can’t”. I’m not sure if his confidence can be trusted or if he’s not being strategic enough.

So if it were you would you go with your bank who claims everything looks simple and great, but is unfriendly, and not trying to help you with the rate.

Or Bank of America who doesn’t hold your account, but is helpful, friendly, and offering a better rate.

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    The Last Lamoe
    April 29, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Go with your US Bank guy, goggle Bank of America Problems and sit back in horror. I know the US Bank guy doesn’t give you warm fuzzes, but do you want a house loan or warm fuzzes? Trust me the last thing you need is the day before closing to discover BOA has issues with your loan.

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    Age of Reason
    April 29, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    Your bank US He was telling you the truth about the difficulites you will encounter.

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