What’s an Australia loan to pay off your mortgage early? New software+equity line to time deposits & payments?

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Sounds fishy to me as they say you use the bank instead of the bank using you. Like usually your money sits gaining little interest while the bank loans it to you at higher interest. Getting around that seems unlikely. Ever heard of this called a “mortgage checking account”. Call Steve at 801-404-7000 to get more details. Sounds too good to be true.
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    January 22, 2011 at 11:29 am

    ok I have seen this one several times and yes it works. The HELOC and the soft ware it uses tells you when to make payments using the HELOC like your checking account. You tell the soft ware what you earned every pay period and then you spend money paying every thing out of the HELOC then every once in a while it says send X amount to your mortgage. Yes you can pay off many many years early and the last note you pay is the HELOC. It is just a program that makes you use your own money to be responsible and pay off early

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