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Here goes :
1. I have been laid off from work for the last 11 months.
2. I work part-time doing some cleaning 3 x per week
3. My wife works Part-Time and goes to Nursing School Part-Time
4. We have a Mortgage Debt of $ 32,000 owing on a $ 110,000 home
5. We have small amount of Credit Card Debt = $ 1,351. Total
( $ 626 Lowes due by July 7 -2010 The other is $ 725 owing on a Visa

6. We owe a relative $ 5,301. for my wife’s Nursing Schooling

We own a Pick-up truck ( totally paid for – 1998 GMC Sierra ) and a car 1999 Buick Park Ave
( Totally paid for )

We only get $ 466 every two weeks from Unemployment, my wife gets approx. $ 280 every two weeks for CNA Nursing Part-Time and I get $ 255 after expenses for doing part-time cleaning every month.

We have a bi-weekly mortgage of $ 262 and so far we are barely hanging on.

Any suggestions, – I have been trying to get meaningful work, but no success so far. It is my first time in my life that I have ever been laid off – let alone for this length of time ( 11 months )……..

We are 48 ( me ) and my wife is 52.

We sold some land that we had to pay for over half of my wife’s Nursing School Tuiton.

Other than the obvious answer of myself to get a good paying job ( which would be answer to prayer ) any suggestions of any organizations that would be willing to help us to pay off my wife’s realative for her Nursing School Loan ? We have already received some grants ( $ 4,000 ) which we paid directly towards her tuition.

We are not asking for a hand-out – but rather a hand – up –
We don’t believe in Debt and want to get out of debt as soon as possible

Any sensible suggestions / ideas ( we don’t want those stupid home-based business ideas or those make a quick buck schemes )

So far we are hanging in there, but honestly it’s really hard when it’s been going on for over 11 months straight now.

My wife is a wonderful lady and she is a very hard worker, but she suffers terribly with Sestemic Lupis and does the best she can. I apply for at least 5 + jobs per week, but so far no success.
I have a Associates Degree ( 1993 ) and we are both US Citizens.

Just very frustrating when you do the best you can – and still no breaks !
I don’t even use a Cell Phone – can’t afford it.
We just simply do without


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    April 29, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Have you applied at temp agencies? It is hard to help without knowing what kind of work you have done in the past and are able to do.

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    April 29, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    You and your wife sound like your doing the best you can ,their are alot of people struggling and I think you both will rethink your situation and come up with some answers otherwise when you are honestly doing the best you can something always comes up. hand tuff !

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