What would a telemarketer (or similar phone solicitor) have to say to get you to hear them out?

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I work for a Farmers Insurance Agent who is just breaking into the business. He recently opened his first office and building a client base has been challenging! We have a list of leads that we call from daily just asking if potential clients would be interested in doing a quote when their policy renews! Who knows, it may save them money? What I am running into, is getting past the initial intro, people don’t respond well to telemarketing situations… What are some suggestions to get people to hear me out? What would you respond to?

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    July 21, 2011 at 1:15 am

    I wish I could give you something positive, but I don’t like telemarketing. It interrupts what I’m doing and bothers me with something I don’t want. I truly don’t respond to anything…charities included. (I tell them to contact me by mail if they want me to look at their information). I don’t respond to surveys, either. If I’m interested in something, I’ll seek it out myself.

    I am on the “Do Not Call” registry, too, but there are obviously those who can get around it. It really irritates me.

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    July 21, 2011 at 1:20 am

    I am on the national “do not call” registry for a reason, not to get solicitors calling me on my phone.

    You are going to have to depend on passive advertising.

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    July 21, 2011 at 2:06 am

    telemarketers (many are decent,honest,many are likewise dirtbags) deserve a place in paradise
    for going through such punishing ,rejection

    the industry has always had a revolving door turnover rate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,because,in my unproven opinion of the reason,,,,,,,,,most reps (80%) have no voice,,,the voice sells opera,dvds,records,,,,,,for a hundred years,,20 % of telemarketers who make consistent closes on cold calls have ‘the voice’
    irrespective of psychology,the script,the product,whether you work for a carity,veterans,non profit,or selling vacuum cleaners,insurance…radio time,advertising antidrug messages
    Within a few seconds after the guy answers the call,your voice ,if you have the optimum voice,kinda compels the guy to remain on the line,,,,,i have trained under a 20 year guy for a few months,,and after always showing up on time,putting in extra hours,that i was never going to earn money,in spite of making some nice sales,without the voice,its like a cars governor,or a reduction gear,spinning the wheels.
    rejection is part of the trade,the boss,or owner looks at turnover as a cost of doing business,,many do not understand how the top guys do it,and say so directly,persuading THEM to question a root assumption
    is difficult,because enough revenue is produced to pay the boss’s house payment,car,kids braces,the middle managers,shift managers,etc,,,,,the po buzzards who are told, ‘ see???anyone can do this if they
    want to’,,,it aint true,the turnover rate says differently,,,,,,,,,,,bosses shoot themselves on the foot,with help for supplying them with fresh bodies from state employment services,who show telemarketing companies
    on the state accounting reports,thus continuing funding,and assuring their paychecks.
    An intriguing issue is why,how the phone rep/callers voice acts,in a biological way on the consumer.
    I think the voice tones carry a biological imprint perhaps of a parent,maybe dating from childhood,either mom or dad,,,,,,,a voice maybe with a dense,wider range of tones than most,,,,like when hatching birds
    tend to bond with the first figure crossing the birds visual cortex,,,,,the guy I listened to in training,would often have to battle the customer a bit,(some were hard headed stubborn business guys,but ‘don’ just had a knack of makin em fold & buy),,,same voice the guy would freeze in his tracks when crawlin out the door when 3 or 4,,or climbin on the kitchen counter.
    the explanation is biological vs psychological.
    software is everywhere available,might take a simple 10 slide tone control to hook up with a good quality mike,headset,to not disguise the voice,but alter the tones abit,expand bass,suppress treble,

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