What type of pool is better? Above or below?

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I am relocating from NY to AZ and am buying a house. I want a pool for obvious reasons, but surprisingly not a lot of homes have pools. It is SO hot there, how can you NOT have a pool?? In any case, looking for a home with a pool limits my options, so I have begun to look at homes without pools. However I have every intention of installing one. I don’t see many with above ground pools, and I’d like to know why. They are THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper. I know why in ground are more expensive. You need a permit, have to dig a huge hole, etc. but is it really worth it? Do I need flood insurance with an above ground pool? Not sure if that would really flood my home, but you never know. I just want to make sure that if I invest in a home without a pool, I find a way to get it. 14k vs. 3k is a HUGE difference!

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    Mary Kay
    November 10, 2011 at 11:11 am

    i’m not sure about the insurance aspect since your in the states, however if you have small children an above pool is preferred for both safety reasons and the fact that if you stay in your location the chidren will inevidably grow and leave and believe me, the pool will no longer be used. If on the other hand u have NO children and do not plan to have any around an inground pool is an excellent choice.

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    November 10, 2011 at 11:51 am

    I winter in AZ for the warm weather. In AZ you find that water cost are prohibitive. Most people don’t have lawns and landscaping uses native plants that can survive desert climates. Even public parks have a small patch of grass, and the rest of the park is bare ground.

    You must air condition your house anyways, so most people just stay indoors.

    There are wind and dust storms you would not believe until you experience one. And they come often. They fill your pool with dirt and debris like you wouldn’t believe. The sides of above ground pools get pushed in by the wind and the water runs out.

    I forgot to mention that any water outside attracts large numbers of bees.

    As for flood insurance, no you don’t have to have it unless you live in a flood plain.

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