What should I expect from a real estate agent and mortgage broker?

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Recently requested mortgage. Remember, my credit is not perfect. mortgage broker told me I needed to pay old debts, which I did, then we could go through the process. He then said he needed a manual underwriter approved the loan, which returned two weeks later denial. Im disappointed because I’m only a few months to move and my real estate agent will not return my k├Ánedele.Enne even started the loan process, I explained that if I did not get a mortgage Now, all I had been someone to guide me until I was mortgaged. This month nearly all the time, my Realtor did not send me lists, or asked me to follow what he said he would do. Not to mention the fact that we havent even mentioned the possibility of looking at home.The Communications has been a little sick, and I do not know what to do at this point. It has been my home for sale now and are much, but we still hear comments and constantly disturbed. Please aidake.See is my first, so I really do not know if I’m expecting too much. He said that would help us find a lease if we did not the first time, but I do not know, having done its part by providing kohtumisi.Mida several places to do this time?

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    David Z
    February 22, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    your realtor has lost confidence you will be able to buy a home. He or she does not want to invest any more time in this.

    find another agent who might be more willing to go along on this ride with you.

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