What should I do to get a mortgage lowest rate on my home away from home?

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I’m from California. I bought my first house (4 bedrooms) in 1998. I am married, and I begin to move this house from my own family. My parents and my younger bothers and sisters still live in this house. I am now in the process of obtaining a second loan for a house with 3 bedrooms with my wife, but the bank gave me a very high mortgage rates (> 7%) because they are the second house is an investment denken.Was should I do, prove to the bank that the real estate second home is not an investment? given the fact that this house is relatively smaller than the first, and they are both in the same zip code. Please indicate whether you experienced the same situation or if you know the way to get a lower interest rate mortgage. Thank you a million!

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    April 29, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    sell your first home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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