What is your advice on raising my score in a short time frame?

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Okay, the score my mortgage broker pulled is a 587. The following are the accounts on my report and their status:
Auto Loan opened 9/06 $ 0 PD was 30 (10/06)
*I called Friday, and the lender agreed we were never late on a single payment and was going to send me confirmation in the mail
Medical Collection opened 7/03 $ 395 last reported 4/08
*I called and offered payment in full in exchange for deletion of this record. The supervisor said he couldn’t do that because it would be a violation of HIPAA guidelines, and he could only post the account as paid in full. After talking to him, I pulled my Transunion report and under this debt, it says “estimated date of removal 3/09” *I’m just not sure how accurate that is, or if TU can decide to remove it at a later time
Credit Protection Assoc (Hollywood Video account) $ 166 collection. Opened 10/02 Last reported 2/03.
*This has an estimated date of removal of 6/09, and I have not called to see if they would delete in exchange for payment
The last item is an unsatisfied IRS tax lien. I have sent a request for payoff calculation since I won’t be able to get a loan until it is satisfied, even though I have been making monthly payments.
Please advise what is the best action to take on all of these items. I need to raise my score 33 points ASAP.

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    May 15, 2011 at 12:04 am

    Two appear to be dropping off in a few months for REPORTING. I would just let those go.

    STOP and keep off the phone. These offers should be in writing ONLY. When you called on a couple of these you may have actually RESTARTED the time for collections in your state and they have the full state allotted time to collect from you. Removal from the credit reports does NOT mean the debt is necessarily forgiven and people in a panic who CALL places are placing themselves into a renewed collection arrangement.

    The IRS lien is your next order of business so get parttime job and shoot every dime toward that debt.

    Remember STAY OFF THE PHONE it is your enemy!

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    May 15, 2011 at 12:13 am

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