What is my best option in this mess?

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I’ll try to make as short as possible with the history, the only time of day to anyone: – My wife, my son and I pay my mother $ 500 per month (during this period More than half the monthly mortgage) for a small bedroom, while I return my credit card .- I paid all my debts and start rebuilding my credit card .- I co signed on mortgage refinance my mother to help my mother is fighting against a lower monthly payment, and to help me back my credit card. She rolls her property taxes and homeowners’ insurance in the payment of the mortgage. Monthly Cost: $ 1,600. He (I do not know the time) dad $ 1800 + $ 500 from me .- can afford their mortgage, so my wife, my son and I are so they can launch home market readiness. We suggest you pay more, she refuses. She stopped paying the mortgage, and cancel the mortgage pass through .- months house looks exactly the same and it is not for sale .- My mom has a malfunction by a physician shadow begins the process of fault missing a lot of work and is in great pain .- My brother, a graduate of Purdue, who works full time, is still living in the house rent-free .- My credit score is below 600 for the first time I have. – contact an attorney to know which option I save my credit. Lawyer says they sue and force a short sale .- I told mom, she must sell the house now, and “F” looks like. Mom started the training program with the bank instead .- Bank provides for payment of $ 700 per month lower. When I originally signed, it was $ 1600 per month. It rose to $ 2,100, after all that has failed in rolled. The training does it take to $ 1400 per month. You can not afford .- My wife and I have to go back and pay more than half of the mortgage. She refuses to say (that) “I can not kick your brother out!” They want to stay in the house until April, hoping the market will reappear. I know they can not afford, the market sure as hell will not recover until April (ha!) And the only way they can get training if I am to Wednesday. Should I sign I should not force them to sign and / or continue to sell the house? I do not want my credit destroyed. We are a young family. When it comes to foreclosure, I will not be able to get a loan for a house until I’m 40 and I will not be able to repay these loans before I retire. I am totally disgusted, it destroyed my life financially and continues to give to my brother (I love) a free ride.
My wife and I are in our 40, we worked all our lives and it seems we live, we get to work. We have 18 years with thankless jobs that we all sense of satisfaction (we both have the same job for 18 years in its entirety) was published. We paid all our debts to no more than a house payment of $ 500 (plus utilities standard). We have 3 cars, all paid, no credit card debt of any kind and no loans of any kind other than the mortgage that we talked about. We do a lot of money, but have no life to speak … We drink, do not smoke, do not use drugs of any kind do not go party … We are working on. We have until a certain point in our lives when we just want to live just got a little … some say they were just having a midlife crisis … we do not know what to think. We have credit scores well above 820th We saved over $ 170,000.00 and intended to leave our jobs and retirement for 1 year, the only way to travel and holidays and enjoy our lives before were too old for this do. We have no children. We have a work ethic and extensive experience in everything from basic clerical to senior management. If the hypothesis we find to be able to work when we return from our mini-retreat. Please think carefully about your answer and tell us your age and what do you think we should. We read the poem and its really and wondering what to do: First I was not far from dying on my high school and begin CollegeUnd I was dying to leave college and start work when I died, married and had children habenUnd I then that my children are old enough so I can return to work but I was dying to die in the RuhestandUnd now I’m just dying …. and I realized that I forgot leben.Danke additional information to your Zeit.Diese is for the person with the name of “peace”, which answers our question: jobs were jobs that we would never want return. Even if we do leave for a year, we would certainly be something else for a living that you need to do now. We do not want to leave these jobs and other jobs directly, without a little time for “us”. We know we need time for us and only us, simply were not sure how to do it, do it when and where they go, while we … and then we “should” want to do.

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    Beautiful Nightmare
    February 13, 2011 at 4:11 am

    Even though she’s your mum, I’d force the issue and sue for the house sale. It’s not you you’re looking after, it’s your family.

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    February 13, 2011 at 4:25 am

    this is your credit we are talking about and on top of that you co signed with her…..you have rights

    Sell the house

    and your brother graduated from college he needs to leave that house and be an adult.

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    Aurora Anthony
    February 13, 2011 at 4:30 am

    I’m in my late forties and left a good job and pension due to domestic violence (I was the victim). I did retail work for two years after that and now I’m a college student (again). I’m single, praying for companionship for the future, children are adults, live with family…and your idea of travel sounds wonderful. I’m just afraid because of your age that you’ll have difficulties getting back into the job market. I left out of urgency. I’m a Christian so you know where I’m going with this, right? Pray about it and if you feel it in your heart, then jump. Never live in fear.

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    February 13, 2011 at 4:55 am

    170k? buy a pair of motorcyles and ride around the country. make sure you know how to ride before you go though.

    motorcyle=midlife crisis destroyer

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    February 13, 2011 at 5:50 am

    I am 51. A year ago when I was about to turn 50 I decided to have a mid life rebellion!! I quit my job at the library that had been satisfying at one time but now, due to budget cuts & because of a hiring freeze I was overworked and disgruntled. I was dealing with health issues and thought the time was right to take care of me for a while. I planned to return to work rejuvenated in one year.

    One year later. I have an empty nest and can’t think of a job I would rather have than the one I left. They don’t rehire. I found that I needed the job more than I thought I did. I am on the reclusive side and have lost contact with people that were important to me. I have more stress. Life goes on and instead of a time that I controlled and managed, new things took the place of my job to deplete my energy & enthusiasm. I lost my momentum. I realized not long ago that I didn’t do one thing that could be considered rebellion except losing the job, so I became a redhead & somehow that is helping me get back on track. Don’t know what is next.

    I say take a long vacation to a place you have dreamed of going to. Use that time to unwind and consider all possibilities. You could move to another location for the weather. Volunteer, learn a new trade, start a business or charity. It is your life and it can be whatever you want it to be. I believe that and I am trying to figure it out, if my health would just cooperate.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: We did get a motorcycle. We live in the smoky mountains and love to go scenic touring. Like the person above said, know how to ride before you buy a bike. It is a good way to make your current life less tedious.

    You can come to Tennessee!!! Everyone else is. it is beautiful now, ahhhh… That is one thing that is right in my life!!

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