What happened to Edwin Natividad CAG and its empire, the largest group of offenders and the number one C?

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AtHome Consulting Group Inc. in San Jose, CA, is a major cause in the worst real estate and economic crisis in the history of the United States of America. Society to promote the ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage), which begins with a very low call rate. CAG learn to recruit and train its officers Agante real estate potential. Once the company has joined the requirement for refinancing your first home. Who is your recruiter receives a portion of the commission and is the director direct marketing, the company president, Edwin Natividad. You just set and is refinanced your home with the ARM program now with the low teaser rate for the next year or 3 years whichever comes first stucked. Then they teach you to invest the money stock that you just go to a new house or buy a home with little money zeroor again apply for a loan through the ARM program, they get all the discounts wile and commissions. Their strategy is to go for you and will hire a manager to obtain leverage outweighs all of these commissions to enjoy. These courses were the good old days when the housing market was very hot. She made the Clan Natividad (Edwin, Jeffrey John) and all their cousins ​​Charlie Abayan so filthy rich that they wore their upscale Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, BMW, and boast their multi-million dollar homes during their annual conference and seminars. In early 2007, the property market has been slowing gradually since the loans are ARM slwly maturation of those who refinanced or bought property with the ARM program in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately, nobody could stop him anymore because in the middle of 2007 until now, the sight of the real estate market and most of those who ruled the ARM program their homes because they are more used the value of their homes. It is a tragedy for the most innocent, “wants to be,” Agents that sucked in the number of license “bloodsuckers,” as Edwin Natividad and its empire CAG. They are a major cause of this recession, suffering people, including me and my family now. It’s a very hard lesson to swallow in the face of so many people around the country have lost homes, broken families, suicides, even committed! All these people suffer because of a wise man, Edwin Natividad, rags Rose (boasts tomatoes and planting camote leaves in their backyards for food) are filthy rich in a period of 4 years by the use of ARM program CAG’s Kingdom!

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    Nick C
    May 3, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    The ACG empire and the NATIVIDAD clan vanished. Yes, I will very much agree with you. Edwin Natividad and his brothers are the biggest promoter of real estate fraud. Where is he now? (that is the question) Is he hiding from the FBI or the district attorney? The last time I heard, five or eight managing directors are coming out clean and suing Edwin Natividad and Ron Faye for sexual harrassment. Whatever happened to that? I can’t wait to see that on the local news. I would love to see Edwin Natividad behind bars and losing his so-called “real estate license.” He is one of those bad, greedy, no-heart real estate agents that takes advantage of innocent people. Edwin Natividad has no directions in life. He left his wife and five children to another blood-sucking money hungry loser slut, who is raising his bastard son. She is supposedly still living in Las Vegas. Not working anymore, and just waiting for her monthly support of almost $ 30,000. (came from another source) People who bought/refinanced houses thru ACG are now losing their homes and it is all because of one smart-ass man, Edwin Natividad. Yes, even his own brother (John) lost his home thru foreclosure. I’m just waiting until Edwin Natividad, himself, loses his own home or better yet… he’ll have to pay the government or give all of his money back for helping to commit fraud plus the sexual harrassament case (if ever that pushes thru). The last part of 2006 and some of 2007, Edwin Natividad stayed in Las Vegas with his mistress and the baby. From what I can see, Edwin Natividad loves to play around with different women. You should have seen him during ACG’s so-called 2006 Christmas Party, all he needs to do is get a freaking room with this other slut and get it on. I am very disgusted about this company. I’m sorry to say that I joined this company and thought that this is actually the future. I got sucked in, but once I realized what they are doing… I left because I did not want to be like Edwin Natividad. I want to have freedom and be free, not spend my life in jail. I want to help people buy homes the right way, not force them for me to get a commission. I’m not like Edwin Natividad… I care about my clients because in the long run, they will give me business. I plan to keep my clients for life, so I give my clients the best satisfaction that I can give them.

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