What can I do to rid myself of my life come from?

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I desperately need help. I feel like I should do something crazy, or just get in the right direction and motivation. Here’s a little story: I’m single, 28-year-old boy. I just lost my job as a mortgage processor. Admittedly, it was something I had no interest, but it was good, well-paying jobs that I used to get until I thought my career was. Before this job I was laid off last job is graphic design, I got a degree, but I have no more interest. And I’m still not my best work when komplekti.Ma career something that I care. I can not paste into a special passion to pursue my career. I have a concern for sustainability and social media marketing and management, but I can not say that I do not lose interest in them. The only thing I can say is that I am passionate about music: she plays. Not that I want to try to do as a songwriter, but I like to play and sing, and that’s something I do väsi.Vahepeal my love life is nonexistent. I’m a terrible flirt, not a club atmosphere, and spend most of my time with my group of close friends who have had a serious relationship, marriage or having children. I had all the hits and misses the love of my life and I’m really sick ta.Ma feel like I was spinning my wheels for the past three years going nowhere. I need a job, and I did not. I want a woman in my life and I did not. I feel like I have no moral support, and I really need. I feel like at home, so I’m repay link me to anything remotely crazy or “irresponsible.” I lived all his life in a safe, responsible and driven by long-term investment, and I missed all the time, I would have been just for fun. Now, I missed the fun, and I am respected financially, physically and romantic stuck in detention. What could I do not catch? When I look at the past three years, I see people around me is changing and growing, and I look and I feel an incredible behind, and it really sucks. What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

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    Veronica C
    February 23, 2011 at 10:04 am

    First, I suggest you get a job with therapy benefits…

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