What are the options I have at home with bad credit and no money?

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My fiance and I found the perfect house, in a perfect environment, with the perfect price. It is spacious, which is great because we have two children and three dogs (one is a Dane) have. The house is 82k. My fiance is 50k/year. I do what comes my way of doing web design. Our credit ratings are low in 500 -. We saved money (what kind of shows up outta the blue). We see the interior on Monday, and I know I have this house. We can not have a bank loan, in addition to our credit, because home is considered uninhabitable. It has no heat (yet) and there is ongoing work and carpentry to be done. I have family on hand, yes, I think it does not look like a big problem. However, I do not know why she feels it is uninhabitable. When Monday, we go and there is a wreck (on the ground floor in order that we could see through the window) on the top floor, we will not say anything. If there is anything my family is fixed, then we say hell yeah! I will live up to the staircase are decorated, all I care. Well, here’s the big problem. As I said, crediting the shit and no money. My father can not help, he must maintain his own home and father, my mother has no job, but pristine credit. My stepfather has great credit and receives a good deal, but he has three houses, and told lenders looked. If we say we’re going home to my future mother dealer legislation. He has credit of shit, too, but her house was bought with no money 90k. I hate laziness, though. I need to know if there is anything we can do. I looked hard money lenders, mortgages and lines of credit. Tomorrow I buy an ebook that I have access to subprime lenders. Is what I can do? for each real estate agent, know that here, perhaps? We have never been declared bankrupt or suppressed, I need a letter of explanation? If we can not get this house, we are our credit and money for two years to build and maintain a prefabricated house. We’ll bring in the order in the utopia of the city we found. But now, if there is anything we can do, I will. I do not give simply because I made some stupid mistakes when I was 18. Thank you to all these answers! Oh, and thank you for reading, it was good, ha ha! And I hate that freakin spelling … It is as bad as the paper clip in Microsoft Word … One last thing we want to be able to set a loan over the mortgage of the house and put a pan .. or Holzofen.Wow, impressive responses so far, thanks all. Apparently, my score is higher in the 500 -. Unfortunately, it is always bad, plus I’m not used industrially. He is my fiance score that really matters ich.Wir think I have a car loan, all paid on time, so I hope the air furniture aus.Mrswearing good to be a great idea. I like buying stuff haha. I think I’ll try die.Sylvia you definitely made me feel inspired! I’ll be on the info! Kemperk now, what had happened I turned 18 and got the cell phone plans, and so on … I do not like a boss, I could not hold a job. Therefore, I have to work for me) my family members build homes, so depending on what needs to be done, do I thank you all here gut.Nochmals It turned out I had options!. FHA may approve the loan, if we give 5%. The money can come from a parent, as a “gift.” Now we have to do is have the house to see if it is ist.Dank:) Oh, and the first subprime lenders are they, because there are not many of them responded. The electronic book was worth $ 17. Lol, I’m not that bad.

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