What a relief to file if my bank accounts frozen?

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Already in 2002, my mother was in a car accident, she received about $ 30,000 to, know that later she signed a mortgage in 2006 with the hope that the person takes its name from the loan in 6 months . You never knew where the plot was. She has never seen this person since. Apparently, this person was collecting rent from the property. A month ago, we received a letter from a lawyer who said that the national network, they said. That’s when she remembered that they sign a mortgage to someone. I think it was a substantial fraud. I only know the name of that person, I can not file a criminal complaint against two weeks of my bank account was frozen ihn.Vor mother, they had $ 5000, now it is -10000. I need to file an exemption. Since money is really his accident, I just need to say what I have to file it, do not know because of disability or workers comp.

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