We went through a company called Investors International, for a loan modification, and to get our..?

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mortgage lowered. We are financially struggling in the worst way, and we need all the help we could get. The guy, after all the paperwork was submitted, told us he got our mortgage cut in half, for 6 months, until our mortgage company could come out and reappraise our home. Then a week later calls us, and tells us that the bank has denied it….so he is still working on it? I referred my father to this guy…his mortgage company called my house and my in-laws house looking for him, which my father thought that this guy was keeping in contact with them. The lady from the bank, told my father that they never recieved paperwork to get the modification going? She told him it was a scam? We called our mortgage company, and they said that they recieved our paperwork, and it is being reviewed. Could this guy be scamming us? If he is, what could we do? I am sick to my stomach with worry right now, I don’t know what to do! Or does it take up to a few weeks to submit the paperwork? 10 pnts~ thank you!!!

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