We want to move, house is worth 75 to 90k. 10 yr left on mortgage.?

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Our family is growning and my parents are planning on moving to a bigger home. We live in TX, and our home is worth about 75 to 90k. We still owe on the loan and are wondering on how to go about moving and all. (we owe about 40k at the end of 10yrs)

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    john s
    February 19, 2011 at 11:28 am

    because it takes such a long time, get with a realtor now and list the house. If someone offers take it, and you can set provisions like you need to find your house as well, it takes a month, but is fairly easy. Just do it and you can have the bank pay the final payment on the loan and whatever you make off the house just transfer it to your new house.

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