We are going to buy a house soon and want out of our apartment lease. 2 months left.?

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We moved in our apartment mid-March. We like it but hate it. I’ve been looking for houses for almost a year now, just so we would have something after we move out. Well, we found this AMAZING house that we can’t pass up. The woman selling the house needs to see it fast and has taken $ 15,000 off because she recently was married and moved in with her husband. Everything is already in the works, signing contracts, mortgage loans. The only thing is, we need to get out of our lease with our apartment. We have 2 months left and can’t stay as we will have an early move in in January when it’s signed over to us. Is there anything we can do to get out of it? We don’t want to lie.
We signed our portion of the contract. We are waiting on her then getting an inspector. We can cancel the contract but really need a place to go after our lease it up and it’s perfect for us and don’t want to lose this house. We were thinking of giving notice, and asking if we could just pay 1 month instead of 2 so we could leave.
I like how I say I don’t want to lie…and then everyone freaks out and tells me not to. I’m not going to at all and that’s what I said.

They are willing to cooperate with us, making a payment on the 1st and 15th splitting the rent with fees. Which in the end is what I counted on. Thanks for all the answers.

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