Wachovia TOPS Countrywide for screwing over customers. Sue them ?

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Wachovia bought world savings who I refi’d with …
The terms of my loan were different than what I was promised.
When i figured this out it was too late to fight WS because Wachovia had taken them over. Wachovia has used many tactics to not discuss my mortgage being modified…. They told me Im listed as a man on my loan document. IM a chick with a girly name and girly voice.
I faxed in my DL three times and they claimed never to have received it.
I was put into a neg amt plan that I NEVER ever wouldve signed up for.
Instead of modifying my loan wachovia screwed around and added more interest and penalties…
I decided to just sell my house and pay them off.
My house has been for sale for 6 months. Finally Im facing foreclosure. I told wachovia that I had an offer on my house but needed to know my payoff. They said they had to mail it to me and would take 7 biz days…
The offer on my place fell thru because I DIdTN know MY PAYOFF amt and couldnt make a counter offer for fear Id be losing too much when i sell.
Now once again I have a great offer and wachovia is pulling same crap.
How do I figure out my payoff amount ? They have filed foreclosure against me even though I told them repteadly i just wanted to sell my house and pay them off!!!
Now I have to wokr in their insane legal fees….

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    February 5, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Mention RESPA to them, tell whoever you talk to you want to talk to a manager. Mention respa, and that will straighten them right up. They don’t want to tangle with a violation.
    Your payoff amount should be on your monthly statement. You don’t need to know the exact amount to sell your house. When you listed it, however, your agent should have given you a form that you can fax to the loan company …if they see something in writing they are more likely to react. Also, mention to them the new act passed by congress to help people who are having a hard time with their mortgages, sounds like you qualify. If all else fails you could talk to them about a short sale, that’ll perk them up, threatening to sell it for less than you owe, and they have to “forgive” the unpaid balance. If you do that you’ll have to have the proper paperwork for it. Good Luck.

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    Lisa L
    February 5, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    The bill signed into law yesterday will probably be too late to help you. It will not be in place until early next year. The terms of your loan cannot change. You need to get your original paperwork out & see exactly what you signed. If the terms have changed then contact your state Office of Finance or the Attorney General.

    Your payoff is not on your statement. Your balance is on your statement. It doesn’t include any fees incured or the per dium interest that will be due.

    Good luck to you.

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    February 5, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    You seem to feel that the lender “owes” you a loan modification. That is not so.

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    February 5, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    The loans with neg ammortization with WS now Wachowia always take forever to get the pay off amount from them. Your monthly statment showing your loan amount, but usually they include all your late payments and other charges. You can estimated your pay off amount by adding your next mortgage payment to this ( not the min. payment- the fully amortized payment ) and start from there to not loosing another potential buyer. It will give you idea how much off you are from the offer it is presented to you.

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    Mike G
    March 24, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    “bud68” mentions believing Wachovia “owes” you a loan modification… “That is not true”.

    I agree with him – HOWEVER, Wachovia should have to deal with their customers in a honest, forthright manner… they should be held accountable for making statements they know are false, and making commitments they have no intention of keeping. They “owe” their customers timely responses, and timely updates on progress regarding loan assistance requests. They “owe” their customers a professional, conscientious, open and honest relationship, one of good faith – not one based on deception, ignoring communications, multiple ever changing “customer service” personal, phony, contrived and duplcated requests for information and documents with the intent to frustrate and stall the customer!

    I had/have 3 World Savings ARM mortgages assumed by Wachovia Mortgage, then Wachovia/Wells Fargo. From the beginning I was promised refis “when you want them”, something Wachovia always refused to even discuss. Finally in 10/2008 I was again promised new fixed mortgages at competitive rates thru their new program “Operation Green Earth”. Appraisels were done & paperwork completed, only waiting on the closing date… dragged out for three months, then suddenly dropped without any followup with this customer. Again in 5/2009 we were promised refis of 5.0% to 5.625%, only to turn into “modifications” the day our signatures were required… at a whopping 6.50% (w/negative amortization for a couple yrs)… “take it or leave it”! Had one foreclosed on last year – Wachovia refused any help, refused to allow a fixed mortgage, refused to allow time for a short sale. Now we just completed 3 months of trying for one of their loan “mods”… Wachovia will not tell you what the mod will do – how it might effect your payment, or what is required to “qualify”. The “process” required several requests for information – 30, 40 pages at a time, including duplicate information because of lost paperwork, paperwork not laid out the way they want, bank statements and copies of cancelled checks, leases, etc. Surprise, surprise, we learned this week we did not “qualify”… why? “Not enough income”, unwilling to give any details beyond that! (In 12/10 we didn’t “qualify” because “you make too much money”!)

    We have been through 3 years of hell with Wachovia. They lie when the truth would serve them better. They can be relied on NOT to return phone calls or answer letters. You are simply ignored! They will distort the truth or outright lie when they’re held accountable. When our state Attorney General asked Wachovia for details, they twice stated we were “never considered for refinancing” on our loans… When I produced 11 pages of Wachovia’s own documents, they finally confessed “based solely on (our) documents it appears that perhaps” we “had applied” for refis. Later, when they were questioned why one of our houses was inadvertantly dropped mid-process, they lied and said “(I) hadn’t included the house in question in the process”. When I again produced documents, they finally, barely, admitted “it appears that it was unintentionally dropped”. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON WACHOVIA. There are no incentives for them to help you and they won’t. Their loans are often underwritten with mortgage insurance, so it’s in their interest to simply foreclose on you rather than try to work with you… they get their money, without the work!

    If ever there was a company deserving of a full blown congressional investigation, it’s WACHOVIA !!! They’re absolute bastards!

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