VA Streamline Refinance- Lenders that don’t require appraisal?

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I know the VA doesn’t require an appraisal for an IRRL, but it seems more and more lenders are requiring it. Currently, we have a mortgage that was taken over by BOA after our original lender went bankrupt. I know BOA requires an appraisal but we wouldn’t be getting refinanced with them (obviously), so that shouldn’t matter. Does anyone have a list of lenders that don’t require an appraisal on a VA streamline loan?
This house is 4 years old. We have already purchased and are looking to refinance. We bought the house in 2008, when it was 2 years old with equity in it. It was appraised at $ 255k and we bought it at $ 230K so I know what the house is worth.
IT IS A VA LOAN and I didn’t think what I was asking was that difficult. I am looking to see which lenders will STILL require an appraisal to be done EVEN THOUGH the VA doesn’t, get it?

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    January 23, 2011 at 9:53 am

    You can’t use this program to refinance non-VA loans. If this is a VA loan and you are refinancing it then anyone who does VA IRRL loans will not require an appraisal. If this is a non-VA loan then you can’t refi with this program. I’m not positive about that (and if you are a veteran maybe you could just get a new VA loan) but I’m pretty sure thats how it works.

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    May 25, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Only one lender that I know of, Eagle, performs VA streamlines without appraisals on loans serviced by other lenders. However, I believe they charge extra money out-of-pocket for the privilege.

    The following lenders do not require an appraisal on a VA streamline when they already service the VA loan to be streamlined:

    Wells Fargo

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