VA loans in default and we are moving / must sell.What are our options?

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We bought our house for $ 180,000 a year and a half then ago.Since, our financial situation has taken a step Devistating. To avoid foreclosure (I lost my job, we had a baby, my ex pays child support etc. … off), my husband (a pilot and former pilot of the Army EMS) looking for a rent-paid job, he found started, but it is 1000 miles. We need to go fast (it goes next week to begin the new job) and can not decide what is in the home mortgage tun.Die my husband’s name only (he had perfect credit, when we we bought the house and I did not). His credit is badly damaged last year due to unpredictable changes in our income, we know that when we move, we rent for awhile. After speaking with several dealers on the new site, we found that our loans to rent not as critical as it would if we buy a house and we just need a larger deposit Gesicht.Das house we live in today was my husband to buy the first house and he obtained a VA loan for it. We are currently one month behind on our mortgage, have $ 177,000, it’s worth, but to show the similar characteristics of the environment that not only we do not get what we need, but we get most probably less – $ 175,000 would be our proposal. So our $ 2000 in our pocket, not on commission rates, there are fees and other costs have kommen.Ich research in short sales. We can not afford to catch up and take a mortgage payment (while showing the house) on the top of the rent at its new location. We are also the security deposit and Umzugskosten.Ich was from a friend that the VA loan programs available to veterans home in the absence of a VA who can help our situation, but I did not could find no information on the website VA, AA said. My husband called the VA loan officer who helped us when we bought the house, and he said it would be our best chance to make a short sale, but who can not accept the lenders because it guarantees VA loan will pay it off know, unlike so they are “paid in full.” to a lower amount Is there something we can do to this house without destroying it completely, which of our credit cards / Bank Account to the left? Thank you for your time reading this … Any advice is requested!

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    January 30, 2011 at 6:25 am

    Your best bet would be to go with a Compromise Sale Agreement. You have to have a sale agreement (i.e. have a buyer) to go into the program. See attached.

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