US Embassy visiting visa denial and re-application.?

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I’m a Mexican resident, last year mi visiting visa expired, about 9 months ago I tried to renew it, I had recently lost my job and had just started my very informal ESL school and a savings account to show for as a motive to not seek illegal immigration at any given time in my interview, let’s say that back then I had something close to 10k US dollars (in pesos obviously), I forgot my account balance and I was denied the visa. I was told to try again a year later when I had more time with my personal business and transactions in my bank account.

Last December I got happily married and for that same reason my savings account went practically empty, now in a couple of months my wife’s visa expires and we are thinking of applying together for her renewal and my reapplication but I’m reluctant to go and spend another 140USD and have my request denied if I show up with something close to a thousand dollars in my account and my informal occupation which is not officially registered, people pay me cash and have never asked for a receipt.

I have a house of my own I do not owe it paid off my mortgage loan soon, and my wife already had her own where we are living now and currently paying the loan for.

I have a sister who is a legal resident, she and her husband moved to their new house shortly after my visa expired and they decided to wait until I can go to have a family dinner, that and also since I’m bigger and taller than average here it’s hard to get clothes my size and next to impossible to get shoes (only a size 13 not a 17 or something like that) and hate that my wife has to get all that stuff for me, I actually like to go shopping for my clothes and find good bargains…

Well I guess I made my point, what are my chances of getting a visitors visa this time?


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    George L
    May 17, 2011 at 6:36 am

    honestly, after being denied once, probably not that good since it seems from your narrative here that you’ll find it hard to really demonstrate strong ties. but in the end, our opinions don’t count nearly as much as the officer doing the interview. We’re not the ones you’ll have to convince.

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    May 17, 2011 at 7:17 am

    you can never tell … but as you probably pay no taxes etc are probably not a stable person in their eyes .

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    May 17, 2011 at 8:11 am

    try again and this time feel confident that you will get through. Let the person on the other end know how confident you are. When ask a question only give that answer to that question don’t chit chat. if ask why are you returning to apply for a visa say its because you would like to see your family and introduce them physically to your wife.

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