The refinancing rate is likely to fall, or to enter the coming weeks? Fed to buy a Treasury security and protection?

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Hello, I’m kind of bind, and we must return to its sender mortgage by the Sun, so I appreciate your opinion on this situation. Thank you in advance for any help, and btw, if you’re just a quick last lõigus.Oleme Skip to refinance the middle, I was stuck at 3.875 for a few months ago. Was to evaluate the site in August and took care of me all the details and obligations immediately to get the loan by a bank, but left is so darn long it took my loan application, even tulla.Paberimajandust m ‘said my set in April 3875 (15 years), the rate would remain 45 days. As this 45 days came and went, I start to worry that they were deliberately so long, so you do not lend me that the tax rate. After calming my originator of the loans, they would stand with them, and we could “re-lock for 60 days (they have since changed 45-60 days because of the backlog), I started watching around them current rates actually were. After watching, I realized only after the rates have fallen, and I told him (he wanted to relock the same rate of 3,875), I was offered 3 , 75%. I can only “re-lock” arrangement so that I do not want to be stupid and take faster than I could have, and I have been reading the financial statements, the Fed is likely to stimulate economy by buying a portfolio of cash, which in theory should pull down prices. But they did not announce this stuff down, and I’m not sure I totally talked to my promoter and aru.Ma he said something about the bond market is a good indicator to watch, even if it came down to him, he does not want to offer substantive advice on what I understand, because nobody can predict the future, although sure …. But I have a choice to make and as I’m no expert, I am looking for the best guess, I .—–*** So the big question is, what is the probability that interest rates could reach 15% of 3.625 A. fixed rate loan for the next two or three weeks (or months). Again, I know that nobody can predict these things, but Again, I can either lock or 3.75 exclusion for some time now and we hope to 3.625. Currently, my current rate is 3.875. rate of 3.625 would have wound up saving me thousands of dollars on the loan, that do you think? And I watch the bond market as an indicator, which is a pleasant site to look at, and what are the numbers that I should keep an eye on, to get a clearer picture?

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    falsi fiable
    May 16, 2011 at 4:12 am

    Your rate of 3.875 looks too high.

    I see a rate of 3.750% 15-year with no closing costs APR 3.750%.

    Assumptions: FICO 740+, single-family, owner-occupied, not a condo, escrow impounds, loan amount $ 300,000+ (no jumbo), no secondary financing, at least 5% equity. Add 0.125 to 0.375% points for lower loan amounts.

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