The owner can legally shoot a portion of the house while I’m still here?

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My husband and I and our 5 children (one born a month later) moved into our house August ’10 We told the owners we buy the house in six months to one year, then we cleaned up our credit and loan for a mortgage. We have a standard lease with a six months extension of 6 months, automatically renewed unless it was stopped because of the two parties. In January, the owner told us if the circumstances have changed, because the bank had a loan modification to get to discovered it was not the one who lives in the house and the loan withdrawn, saying that he must either pay the 20,000 payments or set the house sale. We agreed, as we all knew the market was difficult and the likelihood of a sale in the near future was very dark, so we have time we still need to obtain a mortgage. To avoid foreclosure, said the bank representative could come and investigate the house and estate agents who could show the house. Of course, the owner is moving something in a hurry, and that’s understandable, but we told him he can take up to one year. The owner has decided that if we can not at this moment this moment, he wanted us out, and he attributes the house to the bank. His prerogative, but we have a lease, and must go to court in the possession of the house to take. He sent an e-mail stating that he guesses, we need to rent one month to another. This he did not answer directly, and not the right conditions, just said that. My lawyer says he is assistant, do not think that matters. Think not? This guy was Law School, either it works or does not work … Needless to say we want to save the search for a new lawyer, without the time, because the owner now says we need left on April 30 as he arrived with a team of construction along the veranda, swimming pool and games (2 garage, he turned without permission), while we are still here, so really, I would like to know what he can do if we still live in the house to Michael – NY crash – by e- Cigar mail – We said we would do that for the full amount owed as much to a lot of value, but we do not want to move, you want? us home. They said they would try to sell before considering WRM -. He has represented us in court, before I’m sure you need a law degree, the habe.Um not do a lease-purchase, we have about 2 months on our credit-repair-left, and then kaufen.Artemis we can with 100% financing – I do not have a new owner’s property can be changed, except that it was not my question, the new owner must take place before going to the Court for an eviction order, I had possession, even though I was moving a building abndoned, when I do I would live for a reasonable time was to prove at the owner still has the court to help me, I also have a lease or otherwise, any new bank owners must honor my rent until I pay it under the terms of my lease.

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