The new rules do not mean the Fed stated income loans?

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I just read a report on the Fed for the new guidelines for mortgage lenders. One of the details that the buyer would have to show proof of income. Does this mean that no more loans stated income? If yes, how long before this law?

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    May 1, 2011 at 4:29 am

    it will happen when lenders adopt it. Best answer I can give you. So self employed are going to be hurting one way or another

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    what's with that
    May 1, 2011 at 4:38 am

    I’ve been trying to figure this out myself, and from what I can see, the original proposed rules were for subprime borrowers, and some ALT-A borrowers (better credit but stated income, low doc, etc.) The reason the ALT-A borrowers were included was the Fed was concerned that some subprime borrowers would be re-classified as ALT-A by lenders trying to get the loan done. So how would the Fed determine if the loan was a Subprime or ALT-A loan requiring regulation? If the rate is 3 points (3%) above Treasury Rates, it would qualify. These proposed rules came out several months ago, and there was comment by consumer groups as well as lenders. Consumer groups wanted *all* loans to include income verification. Lenders said that including ALT-A borrowers in the rules would limit credit (we’re already in a credit crunch with some borrowers, so let’s just add more of them!) Based on the new comments, it looks like some, if not all, ALT-A borrowers will be covered by the new rules, which will be released in detail next week. I’m anxiously waiting to find out which borrowers will be covered by the rules myself. If all ALT-A borrowers are covered, then it’s going to be even harder to unload all the houses on the market because *many* borrowers with outstanding credit need to use low-documentation loans for a variety of reasons, including being self-employed. Lets keep our fingers crossed on this one, because it really does not seem fair that a person who is very conservative with their finances, has an 800 credit score, etc, would not be able to buy a home because they don’t meet the debt to income ration requirements and are no longer permitted to go “no income verification.”

    As far as when they will take effect, I’m assuming immediately, since the Fed does not have to go through Congress to get their rules passed. It’s their job to regulate banks, and this would fall under that catagory. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing all loans in the pipeline (not yet closed) will be covered under these rules. This is just an educated guess, though. So it’s going to be very touch-and-go for some borrowers in the coming weeks. Sorry I can’t give you better news right now.

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