The best advice is to ask my uncle for the money?

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OK, make a long story short, we live in a terrible building. In the last 3-4 months, he left the drug is of central importance. We’ve lived here almost 2 years. My landlord made false promises to kick the losers, but always with reason not zu.Meine parents promise they lend us money to buy. We found a place, an offer (as I told my parents) and at the last minute my parents heraus.Ich again one of my aunts said some time ago, they should ask my uncle money. He is not married, no children. It will ask worked’m stoppen.Ich fear of death. I called Thursday and asked if we could I ask you a favor. He said he would this weekend off and call on Monday. (Today) What is the best way to ask? We need about $ 2000. We have money to put down others, but we want to kill more money, get a better interest rate and non-poor house immediately. I’m too afraid to ask because we want to buy a trailer. (Its new but already in a park for most seniors at my job and fiance in hospital I would get a job nearby) Our plan is to live there until paid. (Less than 5 years it will be paid) Then you move and build. We do travel a lot and things to do before we make a $ 700 + mortgages and children. The park owner / seller has already done on one leg for us. He told the bank that we have a lot. Thus, it is best to get advice uns.Jede advice? If he does that loan us the money. We paid the money with interest if he wants to within 6 Monaten.Ich, I will cry to ask. I kind of want to go alone and ask, but my fiancee is gehen.Mein fiance was with me a wreck. We drained our savings for its short-term disability waiting to be examined. It’s the only reason we call it. We ask for 3 years with them, lived for a penny each. We do everything we can to get out of this apartment, but at the same time do not jump on the first thing that comes. Risk of a bad decision. I have not slept for two weeks because of this terrible man. I have the police are doing everything they can also be called werden.Ich say go to my uncle when he get it notarized, us, or if you want to do what he wants. I work two jobs my fiance more than 60 hours of regular work week that we are good for the money. Just do not now ….

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    May 15, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Your fiancee will let you grovel for money? I think you should move home with your parents until he can support you. Your uncle will lose respect for you and have none for your fiancee.

    Why would you agree to live in an unsafe place and why do you think it is your parents or uncles responsibility to change that? I dont think you are ready for marriage. I know you think I am mean but one day you will wake up and remember this email if you dont make a change now.

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    Mr. Cleetus
    May 15, 2011 at 1:25 am

    First, if you want to go alone you should but you should understand that if your uncle likes your fiance he could be an asset. Go ahead and cry but only honest tears. Don’t manipulate this situation. If you don’t get this loan it won’t be the end of the world. I’m an uncle and if one of my nieces asked for money I would give her one chance to keep her word. If she didn’t it would be the last time for her and her siblings. Anyway, be professional when you ask and make sure you have a workable payback plan in mind before you go in there.

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    May 15, 2011 at 2:11 am

    I don’t think it’s so bad. The best thing I can say is do what will not hurt you down the line now and days money is hard to come by not only that but so is getting a good deal on anything that you know will coat you more money but just think about the long road. Keep ur head up and if it’s said to hapn it will work it’s self out.

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