Support for children affected by the mortgage credit?

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Several years ago, when my husband divorced his ex-wife, he was himself empoyed and missed several payments. Four years ago, he brought the necessary documents are in arrears with their monthly payments by increasing your monthly payments include an additional $ 100. After four years, the office of Attorney General of Texas, he shows remarkable and consistently late. We try to buy our first home but are struggling to find financing for its FICO score will reflect that. What can we do to circumvent this problem and get an approval? We have documentation that shows its support to children in classes, and a valid agreement to pay arrears.

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    January 24, 2011 at 6:43 am

    The only thing you can do is either one, contact the cs office, show them your proof that he is not behind & ask them to fix it on his credit report to be correct. Or 2 the other option is to contact the credit reporting agency, equifax, transunion, or whichever one it is on and dispute that item. There are ways ot do it online through each agencies website, & you will have to do it with each one that it appears on. Then the credit reporting agency will contact the child support office to verify it’s correctness, & if the cs office says oops, here’s the real info. they will fix it. But if the cs office says oh no that’s right, then they won’t fix it & you will have to deal with the cs office directly on getting it fixed. Either way it is going to take about a month to fix and update the credit reports records.

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