Social Security survivor benefits rules and a house? ?

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I have 2 children age 8 and 13. Their father passed away last month. The girls are eligible for SS survivor’s benefits. I work full time as supervisor and make halfway decent money as well. So there are no other “benefits” involved. I am a single mother, and have always taken good care of my girls, even in past times where we were dirt poor…….I have not eaten many times to make sure they do. So without question I will use this money in my girls best interest. That is not the question here. We live in a tiny apartment with not much furniture, because no space for it. My boyfriend and I are currently buying a nice house (with 100% our money which has been saved for a year, not from gov’t.), and things will be much better for all. Am I allowed to use said survivors benefits toward paying for the house and furnishing, repairs if needed for the first year? How do I properly report this on yearly benefits reporting form that SSA will send out? Also, am I allowed to purchase CD’s to save money for the kids, as they have the best interest yield? If he filed at one point for SSD and was denied, but deemed disabled by a Dr. at time of death (but did not file again) can the girls collect disability money that could be his? He had small cell lung cancer that spread to liver. His initial filing was not cancer, but never bothered filing again because of his initial denial.

I have looked for information and I cannot find very clear answers. There are government rules for this stuff, but not in black and white. Your help will be appreciated. I live in PA, and survivor’s benefits are not related in any way to SSD or SSI. And my girls are fine. Somehow they are ok, kids are resilient and my boyfriend and I love them very much. My kids always come before me, and I take the very best care of them. My kids want for nothing! They are straight A students and well behaved, happy kids, I am blessed.

This is not a question about obtaining a mortgage loan from the bank. We are in contract to buy a house with downpayment from our savings, approved for loan. We have not actually received a dime from SSA yet, but approved.

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    May 1, 2011 at 7:00 am

    It can be used for the girls living, so if it is house payment or electric bill this is their needs also. So the check can also be used for household payments.

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