Should or CAN I combine my Mortgage loan with my home equity loan (Refiance together)?

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In 2006 I purchased a home for $ 109,000, I took out a mortgage for $ 87,200 at 6.75% (30 years fixed) and a home equity for $ 10,700 at 8.74% (20 years fixed) and put down $ 10,000. I did this so I could avoid PMI which I did. But now I want to refinance since my rate is ridiculously high. Can I combine these two loans now, currently at $ 83,000 and $ 8100 = $ 91,100 combined? At my local credit union the rate they show is 5.185 % (at HSBC now). Gonna live here for at least 6 more years maybe more until my parents sell their home. Gonna talk to them but just wanted some insight before I went. To throw something else in I just won $ 12,000 and was thinking of just paying off the Equity loan but wasn’t sure if I should invest it instead? Was gonna open a roth IRA for a retirement fund maybe with $ 3000 of it since I’m in my low 30’s..

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