Should I pay off my unsecured loan?

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Hello everyone, I plug a house with someone for two and a half years, we have a mortgage for £ 87,500 and an unsecured loan of £ 10,000 (with Northern Rock was, and they make you take unsecured loans the mortgage), we then split about two years ago and I still live in the house, I moved with my parents again and soon we were to sell the house we bought I went to Dixons ask them how much it would cost, she said, would we take a loan of £ 10 000 each to cover attorneys’ fees and half of unsecured loans each. My boss told me I do not have to pay an unsecured loan, if I home I keep only go if I want and only pay each month to sell as normal. Does anyone know does not it? I do not really trust the woman to Dixons, it seems that people see that the number and money ….

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    April 29, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    At least in america…..

    since the loan is unsecured it does not have a lien on the home like your mortgage does. therefore it would not have to be paid at the time of the sale of your home.

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