Schedule A form line 10-14 summarize?

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Can someone please summarize the instructions for lines 10-14? Here’s the website:

I summarized if, yet it is too long

Line 10
A home. Ex. House, condo, cooperative, mobile home, boat, etc.
Has to include sleeping space, bathroom, or kitchen area.
Mortgage is any loan that is secured by the main home, or second home. It can include 1st and 2nd mortgage and home equity loans and refinance mortgages.
How to enter
Enter the mortgage interest and points recorded on form 1098.
If it shows any refund, don’t reduce your deduction.
If you paid more interest, see publication 936 to see if you can deduct your additional interest.
Line 11
If you and one other person reliable for the mortgage and the interest is recorded on form 1098 for the other person, record your share of interest on line 11.
 If you did not receive the form from the recepient, then use Line 11
If you bought a house from the recepient, you need their name, social security number, and address.
If not, you have to pay a $ 50 fine
Line 12
This is all your points not recorded on form 1098
Points you paid are only deductable over the life of the loan.
You must deduct points you paid to refinance a mortgage over the life of the loan.
If you use the money to improve your home, you could possibly deduct the payments depending on what year it was paid.
Line 13
Mortgage Insurance Premium
Qualified mortgage insurance provided by the department of veterans affairs the federal housing administration or the global housing service.
There is a limit on the amount you can deduct:
You cannot deduct money if your mortgage insurance premium is $ 109,000 or $ 54,500
If your insurance premium is more than $ 100,000 or $ 50,000 if married filing separately, your deduction is limited.
Line 14
Investment interest is a tax on loans but only the loans that are used for mortgage.
You are required to fill out form 4952 unless if all three of these exceptions apply:
Your investment interest is not more than your investment income.
You don’t have any other deductible investment expenses.
You have no disallowed investment expense from the previous year.

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    April 29, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    It would be helpful if you had a more specific question. Those lines are where you deduct mortgage interest, points, PMI, etc. Post what your situation is and someone can guide you. If this is homework and you’re looking for a quick summary from a taxpro here you won’t get much help.

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    April 29, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    there is too much to summarize in one or two sentences to make it easy for you
    the best thing to do is check off each item that does not apply and deal with the one that do

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