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I’ve been unemployed for almost 8 months now. My resume if the job market was good, was a decent summary. I worked a little help from an employee at the last institution for me, but he checks, I do not think it’s just as strong. If I could some help or just check another pair of eyes to himself and let me know what you think? Also, I owe my unemployed status? I work part time at target for extra income while unemployed, I should post this? Should I Linens n Things is, even thought it was just a month, thanks in advance -. A sad and frustrated Armstrong225 Bankier.Adam Stark St. NE, Salem, OR. live.comZiel 97303503.856.6681adam.armstrong @:-looking for a position that will advance my career, and in the growth of the company and my colleagues at unterstützen.Profil: “Nearly four years of experience in communication training .- Management.Außergewöhnliche individual goal-oriented with strong Führungsqualitäten.Organisierte, highly motivated and detail directed Problemlöser.Bewährte capacity in accordance with staff, volunteers and clients selling arbeiten.Starkes Führer. Ausbildung:-Currently at University of Phoenix, specializing in helping Betriebswirtschaft.Einschlägigen work and Erfolge-Management/Supervision-Mentor (trainer) for new-year-Mitarbeiter. Budgetierung.Konsequent able to take industry to set targets (20% increase compared to last year). direct the recruitment and retention of supervisors and employees nine Mitarbeitern. training, supervision, evaluation and improvement of management coaching things Fähigkeiten.Relevante n BerufserfahrungLinens, Salem, OR.25. 200823rd November December 2008Abteilungsleiter, housewares, calendars sold, have been cited, and assisted in the removal of installations unterstützt.Beantwortete .- In the liquidation of all mobile products and questions on household items and Telefonen.Eingezogenen to recover the other sectors covered in the magazine. Double-nachgewiesen.Ran transactions deposits Registrierkassen.Eingezogenen Einkaufswagen.-in all areas of customer support werden. Assisted employees Bedarf.Genannten employment, it being understood that the situation was temporary because of the liquidation. Marion and Polk Schools CU. Assistant Branch Manager II14. August 2008Salem 200,720 th June, OR.-type service except for employees and customers gleichermaßen.Home equity and mortgage loans, credit obligations main. Support for car, boat, mobile home, personal loans and Visa sowie. Engagement with the West Salem Rotary and West Salem Business Association.-community involvement, particularly with the West Salem High School, Branch in our titanium. We currently have three interns to work between two Zweigen.Branch necessary support in all aspects. Assistance from other loan officers, as the narrator, handling discrepancies members and narrator cash / check-Ausfällen.-Meet monthly transfer Ziele manage multiple operating systems credit-Met monthly goals gleichzeitig. following. $ 250,000.00 home equity loan. Connect at least one Hypothek.-Make sure the branch meets its control policies and passes all the checks for businesses and state / federal Richtlinien. I manage new and existing IRA and the certificate would Einlagen staff frame. Monthly or as individual needs .- Relationship marketing and relationship marketing with our new quarterly Manager.Umpqua Bank.1. November 20049th June 2007Lead Associate / Mentor loans in the following areas: auto, motor home, home equity, Visa. opening and funding new accounts, IRA and Termineinlagen. I support the objectives of the sector and the overall flow of the industry. Opening, closing and assist members in the conference Schließfächern.-weekly calls we had, where we can discuss our successes and we needed to improve the balance in areas safe, slot machines and Reports Kassiererschublade. draft calls and follow up with the annual meeting Kunden.-we had 40 hours to a local charity were Freiwilliger. mentor my duties to train new employees in the Umpqua culture. I would like to Zug1) Service2) products3) Sale-I also sometimes help to “train the trainer” classes.

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    February 11, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Don’t forget Cover Letters!

    Cover letters should include:
    Which position you are applying for
    A summary of your key skills & qualifications
    An explanation as to why you have chosen the company & position

    Resumes should:
    Be created for each application
    Clearly state your education information- type of degree, grade average & major
    Detail your involvement in extra curricular activities and include personal experiences
    Use bullet points, write in clear, concise terms using active words
    Keep it 1 page
    Detail any work experience: volunteer, internships, independent contractor, part-time, full-time

    Yours looks great. Just avoid long sentences. You want to go for short, succinct yet clear points. Be more specific with your objective.

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