Repost: I’m going to be having my 3rd child soon how can I save money?

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I need to save money, we have 2 children under 1 year of age (a baby going on 3 months and an 11 month old, a week away from being 1 year) and i’m pregnant again
My husband is a pastor and we have free housing from our church, and my husband also works as a car salesmen and a part time cashier, I am a youth minister and I teach Sunday school and I work from home selling cosmetics and news paper subscriptions. Between the two of us we bring in about $ 2300 a month. Soon we will have 3 kids too support
how have you made it through tough financial times?
what are your best tips and tricks?
Where do you shop for food and personal needs? how much should a family of 3 spend?

We do all of our cloths and furniture shopping at thrift stores but I want to do more.
I never said I could not afford my children, I also have some money in savings but we want to save money and get into the habit of saving
I do not believe in birthcontrol and I can afford to have 15 more if I manage my funds properly.
I live in California, things are very expensive here, gas is $ 3.10 a gal, and a gal of milk is $ 4.55. the cost o living is high here.

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    July 17, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    Have an event at your church for parents to bring in items that they are no longer using because their children have grown out of it. That way other young couples can also benefit and your community can help each other.

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    July 17, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Free housing? Exactly what are you paying for that you need more money? My husband doesn’t even make that combined with my income and we make it with car insurance, house payment, groceries, clothing and a child starting college. God takes care of my needs. I may want something doesn’t mean I’m going to get it. I am also currently unemployed and the bills haven’t changed. So exactly where is your money going?

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    July 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Milk is MUCH cheaper at Sam’s Club. It’s 1.79 a gallon. Shop with coupons whenever possible, and combine them with sales. Buying some items in bulk can save in the long run. Make homemade whenever possible–it’s usually cheaper. You can also get some great deals at Aldi on fruits and veggies and canned goods.

    If you become a mystery shopper, you can bring in a decent chunk of change and most of the time, you can bring your children with you. A friend of mine does it all the time when she quit to stay home with her kids. She says she can make 800-900 dollars a month doing it part time, and she gets to try out new things. She loves it because she can often take her kids places for free, too. A few weeks ago, she had a trailer check for a kid movie and brought her daughter along. One of the movie tickets was free, plus she got paid to do the check! She gets free products all the time and loves it. The key is to be a good writer, but you seem to be pretty good at it!

    You could try selling Pampered Chef. That can be more lucrative than newspaper subscriptions.

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    July 17, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    You might want to consider moving somewhere a little cheaper to help out with this, but barring that…

    Motivate your husband to sell more cars. Supporting 3 kids and two adults on $ 2300 a month is extremely difficult.

    You would probably want to join Costco and start buying in bulk, shop at dollar stores, give up cable, use voip instead of a regular phone plan, and just be as frugal as possible. Pasta/noodles can feed people pretty cheap compared to other foods.

    Whatever you do, don’t rely on fast food even though it is many times cheaper than cooking yourself…that will just lead to medical problems down the road so it’s putting off the cost until later.

    Buy store brand orange juice, use air conditioning sparingly and instead rely on fans (which will lower your electrical bill), etc.

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    July 17, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    If you wanted to save money, maybe you shouldn’t have had that extra kid. Just saying…

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    July 17, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Here is what my families does.

    1. Buy used, we shop at thrift stores, before we go to the mall or walmart to get clothing items or household needs we go to the local thrift store. We also go there before going to Borders and other books stores. You never know what you are going to find and you’ll spend a fraction of the cost. I also go to consignment shops too, though they are more expensive then thrift stores they can offer things that thrift stores just can’t.

    2. FREE CYCLE! go to yahoo groups and look up free cycle, there may be one in your town, it’s a great group where people just post free stuff and you go and get it. My husband and I got a Rabbit on freecycle, we’ve gotten toy boxes, toys, clothing and baby items.

    2. Plant a garden, go to ehow and learn how to plan a garden

    3. remember to always pay your tithing and after set aside an additional 5% and put it into savings, do this with every pay check, it such a small amount you’d never notice but at the end of the year when you look at how much you’ve saved you’ll notice big time.

    4. If you sell cosmetics get hook up with someone in retail and maybe you can get a contract to sell to them in bulk. For example I have a side business selling custom gift baskets (like WOW girlft baskets and things like that) it does not generate very much money but I only do it online. Currently I have a girl I buy jewelry from, I also have someone I buy Avon from got the baskets. If you can hook up with someone like that then you can boost your income by 15%.

    5. Invest, whenever you get some extra money, even if it’s only $ 100.00 invest it. Buy some savings bonds or open a online investing account with Yahoo or Etrade.

    6. Invest in the Sunday news paper, there are always coupns in the sunday news paper and it’s also a great tool to use to find cheap or free entertainment, like free live music you can take the kids too. You can also clip coupons to off set cost of living and if all else fails you can use the newpaper to teach your Sunday school a thing or two about crafts, LOL. The sunday paper is an all around good investment.

    7. Walk! if gas is so high walk, buy a nice stroller and walk to the store or other places, do as much as you can walking. When I lived in the South Bay (S.F.) I used to drive to a local parking lot that was right between my son’s school and my college. I would drop my son off at school and drop the car off at the parking lot, I would walk or ride a bike the rest of the way. When it came to going shopping I used to take my car to the light rail stations and take my son’s red wagon with me, I would go to all of my fav. stores and then take the train back with my wagon loaded up, believe it or not I added up how much I saved in a year and I save about $ 900.00 that’s 1 month’s Mortgage.

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