Repayment of loans for bad credit?

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My husband is part of the debt on your credit file, which prevents us from getting approved for a mortgage. This debt amounts to 2003-2007. Certain medical expenses, phone bills, a few small here and there that do not add much. The most important is the student loan ITT f / $ 2960th First date crime is a 4 / 2004 ITT. Do I pay a portion of them? And if so, whether it’s any help mark (current score of 595)? A mortgage company gave us the number of credit restoration company that will pay about $ 800 during the year … I do not know what mine is the best option? Anyone know?

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    Craig T
    February 21, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Unfortunately a paid collection is only marginally better than an unpaid collection so paying those WON’T help his score unless you can get them to agree to a pay for delete ie if you pay in full they agree to delete the item from your credit report (make sure you get any agreement in WRITING)

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