Removing the tax on foreign property and mortgages secured by land?

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I (clean, no mortgage) a condominium (apartment No. 1) in my contry mother (contry # 1). This apartment # 1 is an object (me and my family (not U.S. citizens or residents not) has used more than 14 days or 10% of the year). I have a mortgage (or you say “Loan”) secured the No. 1 apartment and took all the money in the U.S. in another apartment # 2 Buy, where I live now. I used the money to back # 1 contry every three months to pay the mortgage (loan). I have all the documents of the foreign money remittance bank and the regular payment of the mortgage (loan) to beweisen.Darf I deduct the interest paid to the bank contry # 1 (I think the money will be used to buy my house # 2 if not a security) Can I deduct the tax from apartment No. 1 as a tax deduction foreign language?

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    v b
    May 1, 2011 at 4:38 am

    You need to file a schedule E for the condo in the foreign country. On that form you will deduct the property taxes.

    The interest is another matter. I don’t think you can deduct the interest anywhere. You can’t put the interest on schedule E because the money wasn’t used on the rental property. You can only put the interest on schedule A if your main home secured the loan and it didn’t.

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