Refinancing through the improvement of veterans’ benefits legislation of 2008?

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I’m in the army and bought a house a few years ago. I finaned my loan VA. I received e-mail stating that if you do not have a rate of less than 4.5%, then call now. No income documentation is not No subscription fees apprasial, processing fee is not spam by streamlining the mortgage …. I do not know if these are scams to get their money if they are validated or mortgage companies. They are equal housing lender stamp on the memo. These organizations have their website www.residentialacceptance.comKas fradulent, or if anyone knows if they apply to the firmad. Olen loan obtained a loan and my mortgage company direct, so I am Leary cope mail . Tanami no help if I want to see.

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    January 23, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    they are probably a legit lender who is offering a teaser rate based on a VA 5 year arm loan. This teaser is designed to get customers like you to call them.

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