Refinancing subject to the PMI?

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Current situation: – Bought the house in 2006 for the first-520K Mortgage has been set for 417k at 6.125% 30 Yr-second 20yrs fixed rate mortgage is at 7.625% HELOC – Home is now only worth 450 – 480K (due to the recession) the outstanding balances on the 1st Mortgage 390K, 51K on HELOCMortgage broker told me that the only real option is the main refinancing with “THE Refi Plus” to 4.25% (or 4, 5%) and hope that the HELOC Untergebenen.Ist it useful to consider both total refinancing a loan with PMI? It’s frustrating because I’m tired of paying more each month than I do now, and I have some savings, but I can not justify the discharge just to increase equity in order to achieve better rates. So instead I found payable’m interest madness …

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