Recommend a good mortgage broker in Australia?

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Me and my husband started looking for houses yesterday and found a great place that is perfect for us to second place we went. We planned to start only a feel for the market, but now we want this place possible and have a mortgage, once. It is our first house and we are QLD. We just got married, which has destroyed our economy is so desperate for a loan of 100%. We need advice on where to go and what to ask. And any other board can launch our way 🙂 Thanks!

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    May 1, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Congratulations! I can’t recommend a broker but I heard through a friend that used one that they can offer below the advertised rate for known banks (they probably get commission though so bare that in mind). also has a few advertisements for 100+% loans you should check them out

    For anything I always check to compare interest rates of banks & non bank lenders, not just for home loans, I use it for CC, savings accounts, personal loans, etc. its independant from the financial institutions so its not a biased web site. You can grab a few banks that suits your family’s situation with you and speak to a few mortgage brokers and see if they can beat it – squeeze whatever you can out of them! 😀

    Also you should do property searches/inspections via your local council for the property you plan to buy – make sure its all legit, no issues etc. Cut out the middleman and save some money 🙂 I included a link to moreton bay city council, you just need to search for your local council’s site and it should tell you costs involved, etc.

    Of course I also recommend speaking to family and friends for their advice as well. oh and READ THE FINE PRINT. You and hubby will be locked into a loan for a minimum of 25 years (not including paying extras) so its a pretty significant document 🙂

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