Received notice of trustee sales potential / mod lock ready / on the house that I rent, should I worry?

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It was mailed an advertisement for the house I’m renting to “current resident” addressed and explained that the house is scheduled for trustee sale on 3 November by a law firm on behalf the lender. I did some digging online and called the office and confirm that is true. We have just moved in July 17 – 3 months ago and signed a lease for 2 years with a company handling of the rental property as a third party between us and the owners do property manager, I had no idea that the house was in the foreclosure process and that an auction at local district court scheduled for November. He contacted the owner and the owner explained that they go through a “loan modification” and “convinced that this is not the crowd up.” Should I believe that this happened without any doubt and continue with life, that it would never be? Should I worry that the Bank may in fact decide to sell the property anyway? My mother told me on the rent because of the 1-4 November for November sales, because we pay the rent for the month of November by the owner can not [like it did not stop even not at home]. I know that you are forced to rent to the owner, as long as you pay for living, but I am also aware that the agreement between me and the owner is broken once the sale goes through. Is this good advice? So do you think we should just break our lease under this stress and find another place to live? I suspect that this change in corporate lending threats of foreclosure / auction / means that the owner has difficulty paying their mortgage on the house … You do not know if we are compelled by a person of a financial tenants. Hubby sent in January and I do not move at the end / with the Bank in the fight next year if it happens again, and the bank excludes Homepage.Dies in Cumming GA. My husband spoke with someone in the JAG department and they said there is nothing they can do for us, except to provide a lawyer in Atlanta, I was a little schockiert.Diese question [the first question on Yahoo Answers] other day and put it to vote on the answers to 4-5 hours – without realizing that no one else for that answer. hah sorry for the double, I’m still expensive looking good advice.

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    April 29, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    This is cause for concern as the new owner can and usually does change the terms of the contract that you signed. However, they must give a certain amount of time to allow you to find another residence or agree to the new terms. Laws vacillate from state to state. Good luck

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