Real estate question of the 8000 € TTC cash back.?

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Ok, we bought the property in 2009 a few months before the deadline. “Praise be to God we have!” It was a Kampf.Also we taxpayers money and we said for a good cause, the renovation of the property .. It took a lot of work. And yet we must mehr.Wenn had assessed the property, we had to find that the little house in one piece, which is connected to two hectares of land and a shop. Location, location, location describes this property is very gut.Es a mobile home on the property. It is a house in perfect condition, all connected to utilities and the legal address. The mobile home is not in the description of the lot, which is the amount of description on the bank loan we have is on the property. This mobile home has been abandoned here, we have the track that we buy at a price of $ 10.00. (Miracle, we have) We bought the title says people here in the Platz.Das first mobile home and a room very close to each other on the 2-acre lot.We are a family of five and lived in a rooming house, all together in difficult times rolled, but we hung in there and praise the Lord, we bought the place. ” But the ship sank quickly. The house needs work, and black mold was growing on the walls of the house of a room. Our children were very sick. “SO! We abandoned ship with units higher and drier in the two rooms mobile home, mobile home that is not on the amount of description of our mortgage securities. Basically, the bank does not know that this place is here. But it is a mobile home. Not a Vermögenswerte.Nun important is the small house with one bedroom all fixed .. Everything was leaking. But it is a great little house, all new flooring, paint and tiles and hot water heating. The house is empty, and we want to rent it. $ $ $ $ We could use the money. “Is there a problem with us living in a trailer that has a slightly different address and not even the description of the lot, but has a separate legal entity address on the property 2acre ????? and rental home? Basically, we did not bother to rent our house bekommen.Ich know that if we support the € 8000 we agreed to stay at that address for at least 3-5 years. No problem. We will not leave our property 2 acres, the rent for the house. Is there a legal problem with it? Can we legally address the mobile home? We’re not sure, and we have an enemy give us some stupid reason bekommen.Für Some real estate agent for reporting to the Office of Inland Revenue of the evaluator and now we receive by e-mail about a few caravans on our property. I guess I know who she is, it is a little nuts and has a rental house next to our property. It has indeed been our guest at a time and we launched with great displeasure. At the beginning of the school year. Now we’ve moved instead next .. (pissed they did) and buying the site, which is much larger than it ended .. haa haaa .. I would give you hope my playing of the song ” feelings “to unterhalten.Ich Just kidding, you understand my question, sorry if you do not have or boring, and perhaps the next will be better queston .. gee I think I need a little more coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I thank you for your Antworten.Vielen you for your Antworten.Aber I need an answer to those who are helpful, but say at the end of sarcasm and add that. It is not illegal to live in a one bedroom house with my family. Some idiot tried to tell us the worst and with hard times. I have already had services to the child here, and they have nothing wrong. My agent is a police officer retirement, and he saw everything. As long as children are all brothers and sisters, not to promote or half, no problem, you think, not everyone rich and capable, in a big house with fancy living room for each child. Some people have to live within there means and not a burden to the state. We do it in this world by ourselves to make money. My children know the value of a proud buck.I them.They know, hard to survive as U.S. $ times.I press so hard, it will fly the eagle bin.Mein man and I’ll talk to a real estate lawyer, to we know our rights.

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    the kid
    May 1, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    1. The $ 8000 credit is for a primary residence. So yes, renting it out will be an issue. You can either not claim the income, which is illegal, or claim the income and defraud the government of the tax credit, which would be illegal.
    2. Staying on the lot does not meet the qualification. Renting out the house makes you ineligible for the credit and you it ALL back.
    3. Live in the 1 BR, rent out the trailer, that’s the only legal way to do it without defrauding the government and risking getting caught.

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    May 2, 2011 at 12:17 am

    Yes you are guilty of tax fraud and will be audited by the IRS. You have to claim the rental income on 2010 taxes.

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    My Take on It
    May 2, 2011 at 1:13 am

    No, you cannot turn this 1 bed home you bought and got a tax credit of 8k into an investment property and rent it out. You would have to pay back the 8k if you do. You do realize that if you rent this place out, you have to claim it on your taxes as a rental? LOL That right there, would be a giveaway.

    Also, it’s nuts to have 5 people living in a 2bd place. Sheesh! I hope all your kids are the same sex and are not having to sleep in the same room. That is just wrong, and in some places, against the law.

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    May 2, 2011 at 1:18 am

    CPS will take your kids if they know about any of this.

    No, you can not rent the house out, it would be felony tax fraud, you will end up in prison.

    You can’t live in that trailer without a certificate of occupancy, but it sounds like the county is already dealing with that. You will need to stop living in the trailer or you wil end up losing the property.

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