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I am looking for mortgage interest / monthly payments affordable to buy a house for about a month and a half. As far as I can tell, they are almost all gleich.Die question is how much interest you want to move and for how long. All loan amounts generally work on the base rate for the specific day. None of these companies are going at the rate for you if you pay below the weaknesses. These loan programs differ from these companies seems to me (an analogy) you essentially sell the same kind of car only with a different picture. Am I missing something?

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    ♥ Victoria ♥
    May 2, 2011 at 5:12 am

    You are somewhat correct. The basically are all offering the same thing – but every now and then you will find one or two who are willing to give you a better rate than others.

    We just bought a new home and i went through this same thing. I have a very good credit score so I knew i could get the rock bottom of the apr’s out there so I looked around. There were a few that seemed good – then i called a few more and found out that the ones I had previously thought were good weren’t as good as I thought.

    they were offering me 5.75 with 1 point or 5.5 with 3 points. this was on a 277,000 loan so that’s a lot of mula.

    I ended up going for Wells Fargo with NO POINTS 5.625 %

    That was a good one and very competetive.

    The other ones came from Lending tree – but I found Wells fargo on my own.

    Good luck

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