Would these points help me in getting a mortgage

DWQA QuestionsWould these points help me in getting a mortgage
zahlwalfectlasfi asked 4 years ago

I am 21, only lived in the US for just over 2 years and have worked full time at two jobs 3/4 of the time I have been here (same line of work).

Is 2 years work experience a requirement for a mortgage.

Would me having a higher downpayment of 20-50% be a factor that would greatly help my chances or not so much?

What about applying for a 15 year over a 30 year fixed?

Or co-signing with my fiance?

Does the mortgage size matter either? I am thinking of applying for a $ 70-100k mortgage in the next year or so and know the average in my area is close to 230k.

Would any of these things help when applying, considering my situation and credit scores.

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