arblasredemal asked 4 years ago

I am looking at buying a house in the next year and a half.  I am thinking a usda might be the way to go.  My mortgage scores from this site are much higher then my fico8 in the signature.  My mortgage scores are EQ 658, TU 664, and EX 609.  I have 3 accounts in collection.  One that’s $ 150 from century link.  I emailed them asking for a pfd which they agreed to but she said she didn’t could find the account so she couldn’t tell what it was from.  I then emailed them back asking for proof.  I also have 65k in student debt.  And a $ 288 car payment.  I plan to have this paid off by the time I apply.  My income is 38,000/year.  




Is it common to see mortgage scores higher then fico8 and what can be some reasons for this?


If I raise my scores to 720 will they possibly allow a higher DTI and how much higher?


What should I do with the century link account?  Should I just dispute it now threw the individual bureaus? I did have an account with them but don’t remember these charges.


How should I lower my DTI?  If I stay at my current job I don’t see my income going up much in the near future.  Without my truck payment I would have a DTI of 52% based on a 1% IBR.  Should I call Navient and try to get a fixed payment of say $ 350 (not sure if they do this) or should I consider reconsolidating them?  I don’t know how a USDA officer would view the student debt.  


Has anybody applied for a USDA?  With what lender?  What scores where used?


Sorry for all the questions.  Some may not belong here.





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