trying to get credit high enough for mortgage

DWQA Questionstrying to get credit high enough for mortgage
wanloocheadpolsva asked 5 years ago

Back story: Back in 2008 we bought our first house, Fast forward to 2009 I got laid off and our house went into Foreclosure, bills went unpaid and credit tanked. My wife’s health bottomed out and was having to have surgery every 6 months with no medical insurance. Needless to say we racked up a bunch of medical debt. In 2011 things started to look up and I got a good job and we were able to move out and get a rental on our own ( we were having to live with my MIL). At the time our credit score was in the 300s ( Yeah I know horrible right). We couldnt do anything even if we wanted to with it. In 2013 I was able to obtain a high interest car loan because we needed a vechicle horribly. And that was the start of rebuilding our credit. In 2012 we refinanced the car loan for a little bit lower insterest rate. In 2014 I was able to get 2 Capital One credit cards (just to have open revolving credit).We also got a Fingerhut and Nebraska Furniture MArt card. In 2015 unfortunatly we had to utilize our credit cards to about 90% limit on each Capital One card.  Now its May 2016, We have offically got out from under ALL the medical debt ( it got old and fell off and/or we paid it off) and recently paid all revolving debt PAID IN FULL(have yet to report to credit companies). Our foreclosure is OFF our report, no judgements (besides one that states PAID IN FULL) Our FICO 8 scores are EQ-537 TU-529 EX-562 (according to new report pulled) so those went up a few points in the last 3 months but our FICO Mortgage Scores EQ5- 496 TU4-528 EX2-513 went down in the last 3 months. I plan on pulling a new report once the revolving accounts post to the credit companies to see if anything changes. We pay everything on time and usually more than the minimum payment due. The only thing we have a balance on is the car. We really need to get out of our rental( landlord says we have to buy it or move within a year and the house is falling apart so we dont want to purchase it) and would love to be able to get a home that is ours. I make good money for our area ($ 55,000+/yr). Imnew to this whole FICO score thing and want to know if there is anything else I can do to get our scores where they need to be to be able to get a home loan. We wish to get out of this rental no later thanSeptember 2016. Weve already found the perfect house but with our luck it wont be for sale by the time we are able to get a mortgage and the owners wont OF or Contract for Deed. Sorry about the long story but were at a wall that we need to get over. Thank You.

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