Trouble Obtaining Auto Loan

DWQA QuestionsTrouble Obtaining Auto Loan
wanloocheadpolsva asked 5 years ago

So I’m in a bit of a time crunch here.  I have to obtain a new (to me) car within the next 3 weeks.  I found a Jeep I liked and was approved through Chrysler Financial, but couldn’t come to terms that worked for me with the dealer.  It’s literally the only approval I have been able to obtain.  I have about $ 7000 I can use, but don’t want to put it all on a down payment.  I was wondering if there was a reputable source for title loans that would report to the CRAs.  I am willing to buy an older car in cash and drive it for the next year or so until my SLs are rehabbed and my new CCs have shown solid payments, but I would still like to obtain some sort of loan that will help with my credit.


Any ideas or advice?  Do I suck it up and buy the Jeep and pay $ 40 a month more than I wanted to just to get a good tradeline going?  I should be able to refinance out of the 19% loan in a year or so.

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