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ishonhitchvifi asked 5 years ago

Has anybody ever had any dealings with “Transworld Systems”???


Well, I’m hoping all of my progress is for not…


Transworld Systems has done 2 soft inquiries, 1 on 1/29/15 and 1 on 3/9/2015.


I think I may have over looked one old private National Collegiate student loan.


I shows $ 0 balance – Current-Pays as agrees last updated on 4-7-14.


I don’t think I ever paid this off (I know, sounds extremely silly).  My co-borrower took over the payments for me back in 2007 and said they would pay it off. Well, out of sight-out of mind to me it went deliquent 5 times from 11/13 to 3/14 and is now showing closed since then with no activity.


I’m hoping that Transworld Systems isn’t the company it was transfered to and will start reporting this as a collection or charge-off on my credit report.


I’m about 2 days away from my mortgage banker doing a rapid rescore and I’m scared that this will show up between now and then.  I’m going the USDA route and he says that the rapid rescore pull with be the last one if we get it done with in 90 days.  If it doesn’t show up, I will reach out to them and PIF whatever balance if/when I close on a house.


Has anybody ever had any dealings with “Transworld Systems”???

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Tabitha Butcher replied 5 years ago

Do you still sell the software? If so, where can I get it?

Pamela Bass replied 5 years ago

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Madhavan P replied 5 years ago

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lorenzoarago replied 5 years ago

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xadekpl replied 5 years ago

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thmkerserw replied 5 years ago

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