Super Shocked and Worried CSP Approval!!!!

DWQA QuestionsSuper Shocked and Worried CSP Approval!!!!
acnoiterromy asked 4 years ago

 First of all, I would like to thank everyone on this forum, Ive been trolling for awhile and have learned so much from you guys regarding credit.  I was just instantly approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card with a 5k cl, I tried there prequalify site first, and they had no offers for me. I only applied because I wanted to see what chase would say and I wanted the bonus points. My fico scores are Eq 663, TU 690 and Ex 673.  I have no collections, but 90 days late payments on student loans last year in july, and was once 30 days late on my cap one card about 3 years ago. I currently have 3 cards, secured cap one (200 cl), Quicksliver(1500 cl) and a Amex PGR(npsl). As you can see, my highest credit line is 1500. This is why Im surprised i was approved, I do make sure I pay off my balance every month though and Im in the process of rebuilding my credit, so my question to you guys are did I slip through the cracks with my approval??? Should I be worried they will close my account due to error or something? lol I was under the impression, that you needed excellent credit 720+ to get approved for chase cards, especially this one. Thanks!!!

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