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baddkinighgepo asked 4 years ago

Can someone please tell me when a CC Co. (Discover) reports payments to the three credit bureaus? I am thinking about applying for a loan and currently have a balance with them that has a CUR of 63% that I am contemplating paying off in order to increase my score. April 17th (yesterday) was the last day of the biiling statement. Can anyone tell me if they have reported already or if I paid it off today before the end of the business day how soon would it take before a possible FICO increase is noticed/reflected on my credit report? 


Ideally we do not want to wait to long to apply for the loan. It is for pool construction (we may miss the season) and the lender only uses Equifax scores. This is the only score I do not know and the other two are just over there minimum FICO requirement (one by 16 pts – TU, and the other 29 – EXP). 


Please advise.

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